Chapter 10. Partying On — On the Conference Line!

In This Chapter

  • Starting and running a Skype conference

  • Going beyond the basic conferencing facilities

  • Moving files and sharing links

  • Viewing screens and using applications

Talking one on one with your friend or colleague is a type of communication that Skype facilitates very effectively. You may also spend a lot of time in the company of others. When you're communicating in a group setting, you're probably accustomed to sharing ideas, opening a dialog, debating, and even bantering. In short, you probably like to collaborate.

So, you're in luck! Skype conferencing makes collaborating with a group easy, and this chapter is your guide to doing so. In this chapter, we share some basic conference-calling techniques, show you how to use the conferencing capabilities that are native to Skype, and illustrate how third-party hardware or software can expand your conferencing capabilities. The combination of Skype and Web conferencing enables you to share files, show what's on your computer screen, allow others to remotely access other applications, send chat messages, and discuss ideas in a group setting. With these capabilities, you can do anything from running online classes to holding press conferences to strategizing a new product launch in your company.

The Benefits of Conference Calling

When a group of people gets together — with a specific purpose or function in mind — the group selects a corresponding venue to fit the occasion. Coming together ...

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