Chapter 14. Skypecasting

In This Chapter

  • Joining a Skypecast

  • Creating Skypecasts from scratch

  • Spreading your ideas with Skypecasting

  • Transforming your Skypecasts into podcasts

Town Hall. These two words evoke a home-town scene, a designated place for members of a local community to gather, to speak up, and to raise issues. Holding meetings in a Town Hall is a particularly effective forum for people to come together and exchange ideas. Skype has its own Town Hall. Its designated place is cyberspace, and its home-grown community is made up of skypers. This Skype Town Hall is called Skypecasting.

This chapter shows you the ins and outs of Skypecasting, and you see how Skypecasting offers so much more than a traditional Town Hall.

Skypecasting: More than Just an Online Town Hall

Skypecasts are a way for people in groups of up to 100 at a time to congregate over Skype. Accommodating 100 people is a pretty nice leap from the Skype conferences of five or ten people that are covered in Chapter 10. The following sections give you just a taste of the full potential of Skypecasting.

As with a conventional Skype conference call, a Skypecast is totally free. Skypecasting works a little differently than a regular Skype conference call. The key differences are the following:

  • Participants join Skypecasts. The conference host or organizer doesn't choose and call participants; instead, the participants choose a meeting on their own.

  • Skypecasts are public. Skypecasts are listed on the Web and in a searchable ...

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