Default Scores Assigned

Scores can be positive or negative, and can be real numbers. There are four possible values here:

  1. local

    Purely local tests, such as header and heuristic checks

  2. net

    Network tests (DCC, Pyzor, Vipul Razor, MX/DNS verification, etc.)

  3. with bayes

    Integrated SpamAssassin Bayesian tests

  4. bayes+net

    Bayesian and network tests

In cases where there is only one score listed, it is used for all four values. Scores can be overridden by using the score keyword in the local_prefs file. For example, the following would change the value of the CHARSET_FARAWAY test assigned from the default of 3.2 to 4.2:

score CHARSET_FARAWAY    4.2

In a case where there are all four scores, but you want to change only one of the scores, simply repeat the ...

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