Administrator-Only Settings

The settings that can be modified only by the administrator include paths, directory locations, library modules, username/password, and similar parameters.

Figure 3.17. Administrator-only configuration settings.
 test SYMBOLIC_TEST_NAME (ok|fail) Some string to test against razor_config filename pyzor_path STRING dcc_home STRING dcc_dccifd_path STRING dcc_path STRING dcc_options options (default: -R) use_auto_whitelist ( 0 | 1 ) (default: 1) auto_whitelist_factory module (default: Mail::SpamAssassin::DBBasedAddrList) auto_whitelist_path /path/to/file (default: ~/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist) bayes_path /path/to/file (default: ~/.spamassassin/bayes) auto_whitelist_file_mode (default: 0700) bayes_file_mode (default: ...

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