Chapter 18

Handling Regulatory and Legal Issues

In This Chapter

arrow Surveying small-business laws and regulations

arrow Meeting local, state, and federal start-up regulations

arrow Managing legal issues related to employees

One of the least-pleasant aspects of starting and running a small business is comprehending and adhering to the myriad government regulations that affect how and where you do business. Not to mention the plethora of legal issues that can blow up in your face and culminate in a lawsuit. So we understand that you probably have a strong desire to skip this chapter. But please don’t; doing so could ensnare you in government fines and legal fees that could prove disastrous to your business.

And if the thought of these penalties isn’t enough, we have what we hope is an incentive for you to familiarize yourself with the issues raised in this chapter: We can save you time and headaches by showing you how to efficiently and correctly complete important legal and regulatory tasks.

Navigating Small-Business Laws

You may think that if you’re starting or operating a truly small small business, you don’t need to know much on the legal and regulatory fronts. We wish that were true, but it’s ...

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