Chapter 22

Ten Tips for Small-Business Success

In This Chapter

arrow Focusing on execution, hard work, and cash flow

arrow Hiring superstar employees and figuring out how to manage them

arrow Growing your business while also having an exit strategy in mind

arrow Developing an appetite to learn and doing what you love

As you have no doubt learned, the skills and talents required to create and build a successful small business are many. One of our goals in writing this book is to show you that you have to wear many hats in a variety of shapes and sizes as you and your business grow. In other words, the lessons you need to learn are endless.

The following ten tips are designed to give you a head start on becoming a successful small-business owner. Although these tips won’t give you the specific answers you’re looking for as you face your everyday problems, after you understand and adopt the logic behind them, they will give you a base for making the best decisions to resolve those problems.

Focus on the Execution

Nolan Bushnell, the founder of the interactive game publisher Atari, once offered the following ...

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