Chapter 3

Finding Your Niche


Bullet Realizing that success means more than just having a good idea

Bullet Choosing the right business categories

Bullet Understanding what it takes to be a successful inventor

Bullet Identifying your business’s most important asset

Although your business niche and the idea behind your business are important, neither makes the primary difference when it comes to the survival of your business. Rather, the primary difference maker is you! The niche and the idea are only small parts of the puzzle that is success. In this chapter, we discuss a few of the most important puzzle pieces, including the cornerstone piece (that being you), and then we explain why you need to put them all together to ensure your business’s success.

Why You Don’t Need a New Idea to Be Successful

Most small-business owners dive into their niches because they love the product or service they provide. The history of small business is filled with tales of founders who cared so deeply about their product or service that they subsequently decided to make it their life’s work so that they can enjoy ...

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