Chapter 7

Finding the Right Business to Buy


Bullet Developing your business-shopping criteria

Bullet Discovering the best resources for generating leads

Bullet Surveying franchises and multilevel marketing companies

Bullet Evaluating the legitimacy of work-from-home opportunities

After you make the decision to purchase a business, be realistic as you start your search for a worthy business to buy. Give yourself plenty of time to research potential candidates. After all, haste makes for lost money if you purchase a business without thinking through what you want and taking the proper steps to buy a quality business for a fair price.

Finding a good business can easily take a year or two. Even if you can afford to search full time, you can still expect to spend several months on the prowl. This chapter offers our suggestions for uncovering the best business to buy.

Defining Your Business-Buying Appetite

Many businesses are for sale (in other words, everything has its price). To conduct an efficient search, you need to set some preliminary criteria. Although you don’t have to define every detail ...

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