What Kind of Name Do You Want?

Most business names fit into one of the following categories:

check.png The owner’s name: If Jim Smith opens an accounting firm, he can name it Jim Smith Accounting. The name is easy to choose, easy to register, and sure to put forth the promise that Jim Smith is proud of this business, though it also screams “solopreneur” and is hard to pass along if Jim decides he wants to sell his practice.

check.png A geographic name: A financial institution that calls itself Central Coast Bank has a name with local market appeal, but the name also restricts the institution from expanding outside the central coast area.

warning_bomb.eps check.png An alphabet name: A name like ABC Paving used to have value because it topped the Yellow Page listings. With fewer people searching printed alphabetical listings, though, alphabet soup names offer few benefits, and their lack of personality or brand promise puts the businesses they label at a marketing disadvantage.

check.png A descriptive name: This type of name tells what you ...

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