Chapter 1

Framing the Marketing Process


Taking the necessary marketing steps that lead to sales

Getting your marketing program started

Understanding how small business marketing is different

You’re not alone if you opened this book looking for an answer to the question, “What is marketing, anyway?” Everyone seems to know that marketing is an essential ingredient for business success, but when it comes time to say exactly what it is, certainty disappears from the scene.

People aren’t sure if marketing, advertising, and sales are the same or different things. And they’re even less sure about what marketing involves and how to do it well.

To settle the matter right up-front, here’s a plain-language description of what marketing — and this book — is all about.

remember Marketing is the process through which you win and keep customers.

  • Marketing is the matchmaker between what your business is selling and what your customers are buying.
  • Marketing covers all the steps involved in tailoring your products, messages, online and off-line communications, distribution, customer service, and all other business actions to meet the desires of your most important business asset: your customer.
  • Marketing is a win-win partnership between your business and its market.

remember Marketing isn’t about ...

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