Chapter 5

Looking At Brochures, Promotions, Trade Shows, and More


Producing and distributing brochures and sales literature

Writing and circulating newsletters

Getting creative with other marketing opportunities

Taking in trade shows

Hosting promotions that work

Mass media advertising and direct mailings are the most obvious ways to promote your business, but the communications toolbox includes a long list of other effective communication vehicles. Brochures and fliers, free giveaway items known as advertising specialties, product promotions, and trade show appearances are all means of bypassing traditional advertising as you carry your message into the marketplace.

Most of these alternatives come with low price tags, so many small businesses use them with a nothing-ventured-nothing-gained-or-lost attitude. But even though large sums of money are rarely at risk when you print a stack of fliers or order pens imprinted with your name, your reputation is still on the line. This chapter offers advice so that every marketing investment you make — however large or small — works to your advantage while contributing to a favorable image of your business.

Publishing Brochures

People who aren’t professional marketers hear the word collateral and think of the assets you have to pledge when you’re trying to get a bank loan. To marketers, though, collateral means brochures, fliers, fact sheets, sales folders, posters, and all the other forms of printed material that carry your ...

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