Chapter 1

Delving into Data


Understanding the difference between monitoring and measuring

Setting up your measurement plan

Selecting analytics packages that meet your marketing objectives

Figuring out how to use Google Analytics

Discovering Google Social Analytics

Web analytics is the practice of analyzing performance and business statistics for a website, social media marketing, and other online marketing efforts to better understand user behavior and improve results. Some may call web analytics more art than science; to others, it’s black magic.

The amount of data that can be acquired from online marketing efforts vastly exceeds the amount available using traditional offline methods. That statement alone makes online marketing, including social media, an attractive form of public relations and advertising.

In the best of all possible worlds, the results of your marketing efforts should appear as increased profits — in other words, as an improved bottom line with a nice return on investment (ROI). You’re more likely to achieve this goal if you make analytics part of a process of continuous quality improvement.

tip Before getting mired in the swamp of online marketing data, assess the performance of your hub website. If you aren’t making a profit from that core investment, it doesn’t matter whether you fill the conversion funnel (see Book 2, Chapter 2) with fantastic traffic ...

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