Barbara Bestor Architecture, Echo Park
House, Los Angeles, California
e bold red-and-white wallpaper, custom-
designed for the architect by the graphic
artist Geoff McFetridge, frames a view of the
greenery outside the study. (Bestor has also
designed wallpapers with animated two-tone
graphics derived from the patterns of moss,
plywood, and freeway loop-de-loops.) Pat-
terns and textures throughout the house and
site constantly contrast the irregular with
the grid, natural forms with humanmade
Above e illuminated interior stands out as
vivid blocks of color against the fi ber cement
siding painted a deep blue-black.  e lively
pattern of the study on one side is off set by
the glow of the all-white bedroom on the
other. Just as inside the house, exterior tex-
ture is applied selectively, with a balance of
plain and patterned or tactile surfaces.
Left Textured surfaces continue outside the
house with various hardscape and landscape
treatments that improvise on the rectilinear
gure of the fl oor plan.  e house joins a se-
ries of outdoor rooms consisting of concrete
pavers, wood decks, random stone pavers,
lawn, refl ecting pool, and vegetable garden,
along with abundant plantings and an arbor
to create a diverse environment with diff er-
ent levels of formality for outdoor living in
the warm southern California climate.
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