Chapter 6 Mental health and resilienceSilence the verbally incontinent b**ch in your head

Imagine a world where that verbally incontinent b**ch living inside your head and never having a nice word to say was silenced. Even if just for a little while. Imagine the relief, the clarity, the pure joy of being able to shut the door on her and turn the key. Well, you’re at chapter 6 and you know me well enough by now to know that I wouldn’t be so cruel as to tease you with that preamble if I wasn’t about to hand you the key to that door — a way in which to lock her out.

You see, meditation is not the sexiest of practices up front. It’s not like yoga, which, even if you never received any of its deeper benefits, would still offer you up a six pack. No, meditation typically involves you doing nothing at all. Lying on your back with your eyes closed, breathing, sitting cross-legged on the floor, taking a mindful walk in nature or, for those of us who can’t sit still (shh, don’t tell the purists), doing something you love that captivates your full focus and attention.

And let’s be fair: what’s harder than that?

After all, half of us find it hard to go 10 minutes without reaching for our phones … therefore, it’s no surprise that most of us are experiencing a modern crisis of distraction. One that keeps us far away from anything remotely close to just being with ourselves and allowing ...

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