About the Author

Stephen F. Bush graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and worked at General Electric Information Services. From there, he obtained his PhD while working as a researcher at the Information and Telecommunications Technologies Center at the University of Kansas, participating in the design of a self-configuring, rapidly deployable, beamforming wireless radio network.

Stephen currently enjoys his role as senior scientist at the General Electric Global Research Center, where he has published numerous conference papers, journal articles, and book chapters, and taught international conference tutorials on novel communication- and network-related topics. His previous book publication, Active Networks and Active Network Management: A Proactive Management Framework, explained the development and operation of the intriguing and controversial active networking paradigm. Dr Bush was presented with a gold cup trophy awarded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for his work in active-network-related research. Dr Bush has been the principal investigator for many DARPA and Lockheed Martin sponsored research projects, including: Active Networking (DARPA/ITO), Information Assurance and Survivability Engineering Tools (DARPA/ISO), Fault-Tolerant Networking (DARPA/ATO), and Connectionless Networks (DARPA/ATO), involving energy-aware sensor networks. Stephen also likes creative interaction with students while teaching Quantum Computation and Communication at the ...

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