time with customers who routinely shut them down by opting out of
meetings and deleting their carefully crafted e-mails or voice mails.
Many reps that do get a few minutes to qualify don’t dig deep enough
to learn anything, or call wider to reconfirm. Or they cave to the
objection du jour and move on. If they manage to make their way to
center stage to present, they find they have a captive audience full of
No-Po’s. Add to that pushy and reactive managers who force their
reps to beg for the business and you have the makings of the complex
Closing in Sales 2.0 requires accuracy, accountability, and effi-
ciency. You need to know how to build a healthy pipeline and then
keep your eye on the deal as it travels through sales stages that neatly
align with your prospect’s buying cycle. Gone are the days of the
‘‘puppy dog close,’’ where you could charm your way to a close, or the
‘‘rolling pen close,’’ where you could manipulate your buyer to sign
on the dotted line. It’s about listening with ‘‘honest ears’’ instead of
‘‘happy ears,’’ and creatively justifying the cost of your solution. You
can use the best of what Sales 2.0 has to offer—technology, process
improvement, and sales knowledge—to do something deceptively sim-
ple: align the steps in the sales cycle with those in the buying cycle.
This does a wonderful thing: it convinces the prospect that they are
in control, which will encourage them to run toward your deal, not
away from it.
Remember all those skills you learned in the previous chapters? Some
probably seemed basic, others were good refreshers, and a few may
have been new to you. But as we said in the beginning of this book,
each skill builds on the one that came before. And they’ve all been
leading to one place: closing the deal. If you decided to bypass a skill
along the way, this is when it will come back to bite you! Let’s take
one more ride through all these skills and review their impact when
it comes to closing.

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