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Move Away from Price and Talk Value
When budgets are tight, expectations are high and risk-taking is low.
Buyers want to know the core value of their investment in your solu-
tion. You must talk ROI.
Explain how your solution starts paying for itself the minute they
commit. Tell them what they can expect to receive after one week, one
month, one year. Discuss a specific product, project, or process of
theirs, and explain how your organization contributes to their profit
picture or saves them money. Example: ‘Within thirty days of implemen-
tation, you will experience immediate returns, with less hours of downtime
and an increased sense of confidence.’
Remember That Customers Are Not Always Driven By Price
We’ve trained our customers to wait until the end of the month or
end of the quarter to get their discount, and this is a hard cycle to
break—especially if they are No-Po’s who will string you along and
request more discounts because they ultimately must sell it to their
Yet more and more research indicates customers are not always driven by
price when they purchase something. According to CSO Insights’ 2008
‘‘Inside Sales Performance Optimization’’ report, the majority of the
five hundred firms that participated in the study claimed that their
reps continue to struggle with discounting to get the sale. They say
that buyers have come to the table better informed, more demanding,
and facing more scrutiny on every purchase. Add to that more compe-
tition and pressure to close as many deals as possible, and reps are
often quick to reach for the desperate discount lever.
But discounting doesn’t solve anything. This is the time to get
creative and negotiate nonmonetary incentives. Before you give up
and chase the discount, ask yourself these questions:
Is there value in my product or service for my prospect?
What is the hard dollar value (ROI)?
What other value is there (prestige, safety)?

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