76 Smart SOA Connectivity Patterns: Unleash the power of WebSphere Connectivity Portfolio
3.1 Introduction to the business scenario
After spending many years in the local market, ITSO Enterprise thinks it needs to globalize its
business by entering other countries. However, ITSO Enterprise wants to establish a standard
mechanism within the organization to manage its suppliers’ legal contract documents. The
process involves storing scanned physical contract documents that have been signed
between ITSO Enterprise and its global suppliers on the FileNet system and reviewing the
documents on a periodic basis for the renewal, rejection, or approval of these documents.
3.1.1 Scenario problem
ITSO Enterprise has these challenges while implementing this business scenario:
򐂰 Because ITSO Enterprise is an environmentally friendly company, it needs to be compliant
with the Paperwork Reduction Act, thus reducing the paperwork by storing documents
electronically on FileNet.
򐂰 ITSO Enterprise needs to make documents available on demand to selected teams and
the legal department only, because the documents are highly confidential and contain
crucial information, such as agreed-to price, contract terms, tenure, and so on.
3.1.2 Scenario solution
ITSO Enterprise has created a two-step process, which uses WebSphere Adapter for
Enterprise Content Management and exposes FileNet content as an appropriate business
service per the service-oriented architecture (SOA) model:
򐂰 Because most of the ITSO Enterprise supplier data is stored in its central supplier
management system, ITSO Enterprise uses the supplier data with FTP connectivity to
upload documents to FileNet when the legal office signs a new contract with a supplier.
򐂰 ITSO Enterprise has built an internal web application for querying the contract documents
based on various input criteria. This web application uses the queryDocuments service,
as explained in 3.4.4, “Building a web application on the retrieveAllDocuments service to
query FileNet documents” on page 135. In this fictitious scenario, the ITSO Enterprise
central supplier management system at one end generates the required supplier
information. The legal team retrieves that information and copies it over to an FTP location
along with a scanned version of the legal contract documents.
3.2 Assembly Diagram
We implemented this scenario using the following IBM products:
򐂰 IBM Integration Designer v7.5
򐂰 IBM WebSphere ESB Server v7.5
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Adapter for Enterprise Content Management v7.5

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