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Smarter business start-ups: Start your dream business

Book Description

"Starting a business is possibly one of the most exciting, exhilarating and rewarding experiences available to mankind (except possibly winning GBP15 million on the Lottery!). But it is not easy-it comes with a huge risk to your finances, your friendships and possibly even your health. More and more start-ups are not surviving beyond the first twelve months of operations and for some, the failure of the business leads to bankruptcy. So, with all of the odds apparently stacked against you should your idea remain just that- an idea? No! New businesses can be incredibly successful. Like anything, you have to use the tricks of the trade and ensure your idea stands the greatest chance of success. "Smarter Business Start-ups" will show you how to plan effectively to create the business you want, help kick your competition into touch and fund the right sources of finance. But just as important as this, it will show you how to sustain your passion for the business and have fun! Enjoy!" - Jon Smith. Here are 52 proven brilliant ideas to make sure your business gets off to the right start and stays on track. Jon will show you how to: raise the right finance; budget and forecast; assess and understand your competitors' strengths (and weaknesses!); take the right advice; market your business creatively; manage cash; cope with setbacks; and much much more!