Chapter 6. The Art and Science of Experimenting and Creating Content

Have you ever thought of yourself as a content producer? Are you a solid writer? Do you have a great speaking voice? Love to tell stories? Are you incredibly passionate about something?

The bottom line is that you—yes, you—can become a content producer, no matter what your experience level. There are usually four major reasons why folks do not take the content plunge: Fear, time, age/personality type, and obsession with perfection.


You might be afraid or apprehensive that the content you create won't be any good or that no one will listen/read/watch. Perhaps you're afraid that you can't do it or won't understand the technology. I had that fear early on. I love technology, but I'm not a tech geek who knows all the ins and outs of it. So, I completely understand this fear. What I learned, though, is DO NOT let fear of technology hold you back. Sure, it might take some time to learn some of it, but it isn't nearly as complicated as you might think ... and it continues to get easier. Fear of getting started is extremely common and completely understandable, but ask yourself: What is the worst thing that could happen? You put something out there, and you learned how to produce content. Hooray for learning! Not to mention, you now have a good story to tell.

On the other hand, imagine the best thing that could happen: that people DO like it—and YOU. After some hard work, you have a group of raving fans or community members ...

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