At the end of the day, it isn't about technology. Online and offline, it is about becoming a trusted resource and your own version of David. Let Goliath be Goliath.

Rather than requiring more money, it now requires more energy, creativity, and effort.

But it elicits tremendous results.

And damn it, if I may say so myself—it is fun and rewarding as well.

The Internet (well, not literally the Internet, since amazing people are the ones developing the tools) has created the tools. More people are spending time online, on social media sites. But this isn't about the technology; it is about people.

One-on-one relationships matter more than ever. And now they are scalable, and it's even easier to access people.

You can't outsource or fake relationships, and it isn't about being everywhere at once. It is about being in the right places at the right times with the right people for you and your business.

Everything here has to do with giving people what they want. In turn, you will get what you want.

This isn't about tricks, or manipulation, or other garbage. It is simply the way the world works. It is based on strategies, ideas, and delicious pieces of information that actually work—that are based on real experiences of hundreds of thousands of trusted resources and do-ers and try-ers and experimenters.

The old ways of marketing and promoting businesses are pretty much done. There is a shift going on from faceless companies to ones with vibrant personalities and passion. And instead of ...

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