KEY 6 Mindset Does your attitude suck?

Think of a chessboard and the pieces on it. The knights, riding out to face the battle without fear or favour. The bishops, determining the direction of the strategy with their unexpected diagonal movements. The king? A mere figurehead, but we won't tell him if you don't, because naturally it's the queen who is truly the bee all (pardon the pun) and end all of the board. Then there are the pawns. Are they cannon fodder, sulkily accepting their lot, or are they simply waiting to take on their next role as a knight in game two?

As in a game of chess, the ability to succeed as an organisation, irrespective of sector or industry, depends less on the talent pool than on the state of mind of all the players. Pawn or prince, attitude will determine performance in all employment levels of a corporation or business.

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