Chapter 15: Pictorial Marks

This chapter showcases logo designs that use pictorial marks. Pictorial marks can be identified as recognizable and familiar images. Because they’re so familiar, pictorial marks make an instant connection with the viewer. They draw on people’s experiences and association with the image in order to link that image to the brand. The image is often related to a number of characteristics of the entity that it identifies, including the brand name.

Memory Wash

Designer: Leighton Hubbell (California, United States)


The Cowshed Bar and Grill

Designer: JamFactory (Bristol, England)


Taurus Construction

Designer: Mike Erickson (California, United States)



Designer: Muamer Adilovic (Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina)


Locksley West

Designer: Jan Zabransky (Zlin, Czech Republic)


Colorado Conservation Trust

Designer: Glen Hobbs/Logoboom ...

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