Chapter 7: Interacting with WEB SQL

When dealing with a mobile app, developers have to pay close attention to bandwidth limitations of cellular networks. Being able to cache data and display database-local feeds speeds up your interface. This chapter shows you how to use local storage and Web SQL databases to fuel the sample application. Because these are stored in the browser, it doesn’t require any network connection to operate. This can translate into a fast experience for the user, who no longer has to wait for an application to load.

In this chapter, you begin to write queries to load data from the activity feed and set up your local storage configurations. In addition, you set up a Manage Wines section and write the scripts to handle the insertion of new wines into your database.

In this chapter, you continue to develop the sample app Corks. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

Build a basic database and static tables for Corks

Build a Manage Wines page for Corks

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