Building It

  1. Measure and mark four 12″ lengths and two 5 3/4″ lengths on your board. These will be the four sides and two ends of your box, respectively. Cut the board, then sand the raw edges. Use a pencil to mark the four long pieces “bottom,” “top,” “front,” and “back.”

  2. Quickly mock up the box as in Figure 1-3, just to be sure you have a sense of how this is all going to come together. Note that the end pieces are oriented so that their cut edges are at the top and bottom, not left and right.

    The mocked-up box

    Figure 1-3. The mocked-up box

  3. Take apart your mock-up. Measure 6″ along the edge of the “top” board. Use this as a guide to draw a line across the middle of ...

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