Building It

  1. Unfold each paper clip to form a free-standing hook as shown in Figure 14-3. You might need pliers to shape these the way you like and will almost certainly want the snippers to trim them down. Place the piezos brass side up on your workbench, squirt a little puddle of CA into the middle of each one, and stand a hook in the puddle. Let these dry overnight.

    A paper clip hook (left) and a prepared piezo element (right)

    Figure 14-3. A paper clip hook (left) and a prepared piezo element (right)

  2. While your piezos are drying, you can build the rest of the circuit. As with the Cigar-Box Synthesizer (Chapter 17), this project includes a simple audio mixer (shown in Figure 14-4). To build it, solder one 10k ...

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