Service design

Designing a service consists of several actions, such as:

  • Define the functionality it offers
  • Design the interface
    1. Design the operations and the functionality the operations offer.
    2. Design the parameters of the operations.
    3. Design the return value or the effect of the operation.
    4. Design test cases for the operations.
  • Design the contract
    1. Define who is allowed to use the service and who can use what operation.
    2. Decide how often the service is available.
    3. Define the load the service should be able to handle.
    4. Define other relevant quality of service attributes.
  • Design the implementation
    1. Decide what tool or language you are going to use for the implementation.
    2. Design the components you need for the implementation.
    3. Decide what tools to use to test the implementation. ...

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