32 SOA Solutions Using IBM Information Server
2.1 Introduction
In the mid 1990s, A2Z Financial Services Inc. was a technically progressive and
growing financial services company offering brokerage and credit card services
the traditional way primarily to residents in California and neighboring states. It
grew from a small brokerage business by acquiring another financial services
company offering credit services. It incorporated the early 1990s emerging
technologies of data warehousing and business intelligence to integrate its two
heterogeneous and stovepipe systems, to develop applications that identified
high value customers and to cross sell and up sell its portfolio of services to its
customer base in the brokerage and credit card businesses.
However, given the technology of the day, its customers interacted with the
company via mail, fax and telephone to have services performed. The company
for its part used the same channels to communicate with customers — from
delivering monthly statements and promotional material via mail, to the
occasional telemarketing campaign. An unsolicited call to the customer service
representative (CSR) from a customer was seen as an opportunity to cross sell
and up sell the company’s product offerings.
The configuration of this environment is shown in Figure 2-1, which also
indicates that the CSR applications used “proprietary” APIs to access the
brokerage, credit card, operational data store (ODS)
and enterprise data
warehouse (EDW)
systems. Details of the data models of the applications, and
DB2 stored procedures are described in Appendix C, “Code and scripts used in
the business scenario” on page 475.
The ODS contains integrated information from the two stovepipe systems (brokerage and credit
card) and has a latency of one day. It only has current information (no history information).
The EDW differs from the ODS in that it contains history information and some additional attributes
in some of the individual tables.

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