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Social Inc.: Why Business Is the Next Social Opportunity Worth Trillions

Book Description

SOCIAL INC. delivers a blueprint for reinventing the future of business - creating a business-led renaissance fueled by unprecedented levels of connectivity, empowerment, and innovation brought about by social technology. These new tools don't promise incremental improvements in productivity or profitability - they have the potential to deliver game-changing knockout blows.

Not a book about Facebook or social media marketing, SOCIAL INC. is a thought-provoking stake in the ground for a people-led revolution that is changing the rules of business. Just a few short years ago, the future was altered forever by the unexpected arrival and adoption of new social tools, services, and devices by billions of people. The level of global connectivity and collaboration enabled by these tools is unprecedented in human history.

Zukis blends strategic and tactical insights into a framework to understand the forces being altered with these tools, and to identify what companies need to be doing about social technology, right now. The ten Rules of Social Inc. will push business forward into a social technology-enabled world, while predictions for 2020 will stretch the thinking of business leaders and their employees around the realm of what is now possible because of this disruptive technology.

The biggest management revolution of the last hundred years is knocking on the door because of today's social technology. These tools are altering human behavior, which is forcing leaders to rethink how they view and approach their entire business, from strategy, to customers, to all facets of operations. Early adopter companies are creating competitive advantages for themselves by changing how they create value and improving the intellectual productivity of their organizations.

With at least a trillion dollars of value on the table according to McKinsey, social technology is the business leadership issue of the next decade. Business management is now being open-sourced, and Zukis uses history, hindsight, and foresight to illustrate why business will never be the same because of this disruptive technology - it will be much, much better.

Table of Contents

  1. Reviews of Social Inc.
  2. Title Page
  3. Foreword
  4. Preface
  5. Part 1: The Business Management Opportunity of the Century
    1. A Revolution—By the People, for the People
    2. The Business Opportunity Worth Trillions
    3. A Social Company-Led Renaissance
  6. Part 2: Social Technology's 802,013-Year Evolution
    1. The “Secret Sauce”
    2. Homo Erectus and the First Social Technology
    3. The 4 Cs: Connecting, Communicating, Collaborating, and Community
    4. Gutenberg Prints Up 385% Faster Economic Growth
    5. Alexander Graham Bell Dials Up a New Social Technology
    6. The Arrival of Spatial and Temporal Relevance
    7. Reinventing Business, All Over Again
  7. Part 3: Business is the Next Killer Social Opportunity
    1. Toyota Drives toward a Social Destiny
    2. The 100-Year Business Management Experiment
    3. All Companies Are Now Social Companies
    4. Is Everybody Smarter Than Anybody?
    5. Collaborating Is Not Cooperating—It’s Much Better
    6. A Killer Future Forged through Social Technology
  8. Part 4: Michael Porter and the Holy Grail
    1. Unique = Michael Porter + Social Technology
    2. A Sixth Force Collides with Porter’s “Five Forces”
    3. How Strong Are the Links in Porter’s Value Chain?
    4. Leveraging Porter to Become a Social Company
  9. Part 5: Social Inc-onomics and the Z-Effect
    1. Anarchy, One Connection at a Time
    2. Tropicana Turns Oranges into Lemons, and Back Again
    3. Zappos Delivers Big Bucks through Social Sharing
    4. How Social Companies Create Value…Lots of It
  10. Part 6: CEOs, Boards, and Some Social Sobriety
    1. The Scary State of Social Governance
    2. Learning from the IT Governance Hangover
    3. Hotels.com Fumbles a Super Bowl Reservation
    4. The Liberation of the Truth
    5. Springboks to the Rescue with an IT Governance Model
    6. Mocha Choca Lattes and Social Governance Sobriety
    7. The Boardroom Social Technology Calendar
    8. Ten “Beyond Facebook” Social Questions Boards Should Be Asking
  11. Part 7: Taking Your Company from Social Misfit to Social Butterfly
    1. Business Makes the Future
    2. Context Is King
    3. The Predictable Path to Social Technology Diffusion
    4. Death to Change Management—Long Live Engagement Management
    5. The Social Inc. Maturity Model
    6. Ten Practical Implementation Steps
  12. Part 8: A 2020 Future Brought to You by Social Technology
    1. Pulling The Future into Place
    2. The Social Inc. Rules That Will Push Business Forward
    3. Ten Predictions for a Social Inc. 2020
    4. Conclusion
  13. Works Cited
  14. Acknowledgements
  15. About the Author
  16. Footnotes