List of figures and tables


1.1. Example of a Tumblr blog 11

1.2. Example of a Pinterest “pinboard” 11

2.1. Main Company page on LinkedIn 27

2.2. Company search options in LinkedIn 28

2.3. Main Philips Company page on LinkedIn 28

2.4. Philips employees in my network on LinkedIn 29

2.5. Company details: size, location, industry 30

2.6. Job functions at Philips, as compared to other industry companies 31

2.7. Other companies viewed by viewers of the Philips profile 32

2.8. Philips employee title changes, compared to same industry companies 33

2.9. Philips employees with new titles 34

2.10. Where Philips employees worked before and after Philips 35

2.11. Philips employee locations, and most recommended employees 36

2.12. One of the most ...

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