Chapter 27. A Sample Blogging Work Flow

Your company has decided to launch a blog, and you're the lucky blogger. Maybe you've even asked for this pleasure, suggested it to the boss yourself. Only now you have to deliver, and you have to stay consistent. It's not always easy to keep up a steady blogging pace, and there are days when you might run into a roadblock or two that might keep you from delivering on your schedule. Here are some ideas about how to build and maintain a steady blogging rhythm, be it for your personal blog or your business blog. We cover goals, tasks, tools, and some bonus secrets.


Blogging with a purpose helps you stay consistent. My blog, for example, is dedicated to equipping you with strategy, tools, and knowledge, so that you can go off and do useful things with social media and networking software. That's the main goal of the blog overall. Secondary goals are to maintain a presence in your mind, should you have business needs. Another goal would be to stay in the habit of writing, and working at improving my writing. Those are goals for my blog.

Goals for my blog posts (versus goals for the blog overall) are different from post to post. In addition to the previously stated ideas, here are some ways you might use specific posts:

  • Find prospects. Most of my posts are helpful to you, but also spark an itch inside my prospective clients (either for speaking or detailed execution and consulting). This isn't an accident. I write for my clients ...

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