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Social Media for Musicians: SoundCloud®

Book Description

These days, achieving success in the music business requires not only talent and persistence, but a healthy dose of social media savvy. Getting the word out and attracting fans has always played a crucial role in building a music career, and today, much of that audience-building process happens online. Your chances of success will grow as you master the social media platforms that offer benefits to musicians. One of today's most popular and useful social-media outlets for new musicians seeking attention is Soundcloud. In SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MUSICIANS: SOUNDCLOUD, authors Gary and Simone Hiebner tell you everything you need to know to put Soundcloud to work for your music career. Soundcloud offers great playback utilities and allows fans to communicate with artists, building the all-important bond between performer and audience. Make the most of today's social-media tools and put your music career on the fast track with SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MUSICIANS: SOUNDCLOUD.

Table of Contents

  1. Social Media for Musicians: SoundCloud®
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Authors
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1 Getting Started with SoundCloud
  9. Chapter 2 Setting Up a SoundCloud Account
    1. Creating an Account
    2. Getting Closer to the Music: The SoundCloud Waveform
  10. Chapter 3 How to Upload
    1. While Uploading
    2. SoundCloud and Supported Audio Formats
  11. Chapter 4 How SoundCloud Differs with Its Waveform Display
    1. The Waveform Display
    2. Benefits of the Waveform Display for the Home-Studio Musician
  12. Chapter 5 Using SoundCloud as a Sketchpad
    1. Tracking Your Song Progression
  13. Chapter 6 Adding Artwork and Tags to Your SoundCloud Audio
    1. Use Your Words (and Pictures)
    2. What Not to Do with Your Images
    3. Adding Your Profile and Track Images
  14. Chapter 7 Creating Sets as Playlists for Your Audio and Using Streams
    1. Putting Together That Playlist
    2. Sharing Your Playlist
    3. What’s That Other Pencil Doing There?
    4. What about Reposting?
    5. Streams
    6. SoundCloud as a Reference Tool
  15. Chapter 8 Download and Private Access
    1. Public versus Private
    2. Downloadable Tracks
  16. Chapter 9 Groups with SoundCloud
    1. Joining Groups
    2. Uploading Your Tracks to Groups
    3. Creating Groups in SoundCloud
  17. Chapter 10 Building Up Time-Tagged Comments
    1. Creating a Comment
    2. Comment Etiquette
    3. Using Comments to Gain Followers
    4. Collaboration with Comments
  18. Chapter 11 SoundCloud and Audio Software
    1. SoundCloud Export Options from Audio Software
    2. Exporting from Apple Logic Pro
    3. Exporting from Ableton Live
    4. Exporting from PreSonus Studio One
  19. Chapter 12 SoundCloud on the Go
    1. SoundCloud Mobile App
    2. Mobile Recording
  20. Chapter 13 Advanced SoundCloud
    1. Back to the Profile
    2. Your Advanced Profile
    3. Connections
    4. Activity Notifications
    5. SoundCloud Pro
    6. Sharing from SoundCloud
  21. Chapter 14 Conclusion