Social Media Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Get the last word on the most up-to-date social media marketing techniques

If you're not tweeting, Facebooking, or blogging by now, your business is getting left behind. Social media marketing is a highly effective way to engage with your customers. It's an easy, inexpensive way to enlarge your audience, add customers, and build your business. This guide provides an indispensable resource for small businesses and start-ups looking for low-cost online marketing strategies, as well as for marketers in larger companies who want to be more involved with social media. Learn which social media sites best fit your business and how to take full advantage of them.

  • Explore the many aspects of social media, including reviewing sites, monitoring competitors, and fitting social into your current marketing plans

  • Launch a campaign, develop a voice, reach your audience on key and niche platforms, and embrace the influencers

  • Identify social media sites that appeal to your target audience and learn which social platform works best for which objectives

  • Learn to monitor results and assess your program's effectiveness

This straightforward guide is exactly what busy marketers and entrepreneurs need to help them get up and running!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. Foolish Assumptions
    4. How This Book Is Organized
    5. Icons Used in This Book
    6. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part I: Getting Social with Your Marketing
    1. Chapter 1: Understanding Social Media Marketing
      1. Defining Social Media Marketing
      2. Learning about the Roles People Play
      3. Comparing Social Media Marketing with Other Marketing Efforts
      4. Taking Social Influence Beyond Marketing
    2. Chapter 2: Discovering Your SMM Competitors
      1. Classifying Consumer Activities
      2. Researching Your Customers’ Online Activities
      3. Identifying Personas
      4. Analyzing Competitor Efforts
      5. Researching Your Competitors’ Campaign Support
      6. Seeing Why All Consumers Are Not Created Equal
      7. Dipping into Hot SMM Concepts
    3. Chapter 3: Getting in the Social Media Marketing Frame of Mind
      1. Putting SMM in the Context of the Marketing Funnel
      2. Deepening Your SMM Relationship
      3. Treating SMM Differently from Brand Marketing
  6. Part II: Practicing SMM on the Social Web
    1. Chapter 4: Launching SMM Campaigns
      1. Discovering the Types of SMM Campaigns
      2. Recognizing What Makes a Good SMM Campaign
      3. Creating Your SMM Roadmap
      4. Participating — Four Rules of the Game
      5. Killing the Campaign Expiry Date
      6. Monitoring Brands and Conversations
      7. Responding to Criticism
    2. Chapter 5: Developing Your SMM Voice
      1. Figuring Out Why You Need a SMM Voice
      2. Defining SMM Voice Characteristics
      3. Distinguishing Between SMM Voices and Brand Voices
      4. Outlining SMM Voice Objectives
      5. Choosing the Owner of Your Organization’s SMM Voice
      6. Crowdsourcing SMM Voices with Guidelines
  7. Part III: Reaching Your Audience via Mainstream Social Platforms
    1. Chapter 6: Finding the Right Platforms
      1. Choosing Social Media Platforms
      2. Preparing Your Employees for Social Media Networking
      3. Evaluating Your Resources
      4. Assessing What Each Social Network Offers You
    2. Chapter 7: Exploring SMM Strategies for Facebook
      1. Looking at Facebook Basics
      2. Using Ads on Facebook
    3. Chapter 8: Marketing on Twitter
      1. Figuring Out the Basics of Twitter
      2. Marketing via Twitter
      3. Using Promoted Accounts
      4. Making Use of Promoted Tweets
      5. Using Promoted Trends
      6. Working with Sponsored Tweets
      7. Discovering Twitter Tips and Tricks
    4. Chapter 9: Creating a YouTube Strategy
      1. Looking at YouTube Basics
      2. Promoting on YouTube
      3. Seeding a Viral Campaign
      4. Advertising on YouTube
      5. Finding Marketing Inspiration on YouTube
    5. Chapter 10: Making foursquare Work for You
      1. Utilizing the Platform
      2. Setting Up Shop on foursquare
      3. Using Advanced Marketing Strategies with foursquare
      4. Tips and Tricks for Marketing on foursquare
    6. Chapter 11: Considering LinkedIn
      1. Getting Started
      2. Creating a New Profile
      3. Participating in Groups
      4. Using LinkedIn Answers
      5. Finding a Job
    7. Chapter 12: Viewing Google through a Different Lens
      1. Looking at Google’s Social Strategy
      2. Grasping the Google+ Fundamentals
      3. Listening to Google and Music
    8. Chapter 13: Marketing via Niche Networks and Online Communities
      1. Exploring the Niche Social Networks
      2. Finding the Right Social Platforms
      3. Moving Beyond the Platforms and the Blogosphere
      4. Taking Care of the Unpaid Media Basics
    9. Chapter 14: Accounting for the Influencers
      1. Knowing the Expert Influencers
      2. Reaching the Expert Influencers
      3. Tapping into the Referent Influencers
      4. Reaching the Referent Influencers
      5. Tapping into the Positional Influencers
      6. Translating Influence to the Offline World
  8. Part IV: Old Marketing Is New Again with SMM
    1. Chapter 15: Practicing SMM on Your Website
      1. Moving Toward the SIMM-Focused Website
      2. Making the Campaign and the Website Work Together
      3. Rethinking Your Website
      4. Facebook Social Plug-ins
      5. Tips and Tricks for Website SMM
    2. Chapter 16: Becoming an Authentic and Engaged Advertiser
      1. Social Advertising: A Potential Online Advertising Game Changer
      2. Appvertisements and How They Can Work for You
      3. Getting Your Appvertisement Noticed
      4. Making Paid and Earned Media Work Together
      5. Making SMM Work with TV
    3. Chapter 17: Building an SMM Mobile Campaign
      1. Looking at Consumer Trends in Mobile
      2. Understanding the Many Paths within the Mobile Channel
      3. Keeping in Mind Mobile Phone Capabilities
      4. Fitting Mobile into Your Social Media Practices
      5. Building Your Own Mobile-Enabled Communities
      6. Adding Social Media Elements to Mobile
      7. Harnessing Mobile to Support Social Media
      8. Deciding When to Build a Mobile App
    4. Chapter 18: Energizing Your Employees for Social Media Marketing
      1. Encouraging Your Employees to Collaborate
      2. Picking Social Software for Social Influence
      3. Using Prediction Markets to Pick Winners
      4. Rethinking Intranet
    5. Chapter 19: Applying Metrics to the SMM Realm
      1. Taking a Core Measure of Social Media Marketing
      2. Considering Influencer-Specific Metrics
      3. Evaluating Each Platform’s Metrics
    6. Chapter 20: Understanding Social Media Governance and Tools
      1. Recognizing How SMM Impacts Other Company Functions
      2. Introducing Social Media Governance Models
      3. Dealing with a Social Media Crisis
    7. Chapter 21: Moving Towards Real-Time Marketing
      1. Introducing Real-Time Marketing
      2. Organizing for Real-Time Marketing
      3. Taking TV into Real-Time Marketing
  9. Part V: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 22: Ten SMM Best Practices
      1. Open Up Your Brand to Your Consumers, and Let Them Evolve It
      2. Develop a SMM Voice without Silencing Other Voices That Support Your Brand
      3. Respond to Everything, Even If It Means You’re Up All Night
      4. Think Beyond the Obvious, and Use SMM to Evolve Your Business
      5. Focus Not Just on Social Media, but Also on Social Influencers
      6. Structure Your Marketing Department for This Social World
      7. Take Your Organization with You, from the CEO to the Field Representative
      8. Conduct Many Small Tests Frequently, and Build on Each One
      9. Capture Every Single Piece of Data that You Can
      10. Make Mistakes, but Make Every Effort to Correct Them as Well
    2. Chapter 23: Ten Common SMM Mistakes
      1. Encroaching on Customers’ Time
      2. Pestering Customers Who Don’t Want to Hear from You
      3. Choosing the Wrong SMM Voices
      4. Being Impatient
      5. Treating SMM in Isolation
      6. Having Only One Approach
      7. Thinking of SMM as a Channel
      8. Failing to Plan for the Worst
      9. Focusing on One Large Campaign
      10. Forgetting to Reward Your Participants
    3. Chapter 24: Ten SMM-Related Must-Read Blogs
      1. Web Strategy
      2. Steve Rubel
      3. Chris Brogan
      4. Logic + Emotion
      5. Conversation Agent
      6. Influential Marketing Blog
      7. The WOMMA Word
      8. Advertising Age’s DigitalNext
      9. Apophenia
      10. Going Social Now
    4. Chapter 25: Ten Top SMM Tools
      1. Technorati
      2. BlogPulse
      3. Google Blog Search
      4. Quantcast
      5. Compete
      6. Nielsen BuzzMetrics
      7. comScore
      8. YouTube Insights
      9. Boardreader
      10. Facebook Insights
  10. Cheat Sheet

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  • Title: Social Media Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2012
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118065143