Part III

Reaching Your Audience via Mainstream Social Platforms


In this part . . .

When you’re ready to start your campaign, Chapter 6 helps you choose which of the major social platforms on which to launch, sustain, and promote your brand. In Chapter 7, we look at why Facebook is one of the “must-haves” for social media campaigns.

Chapter 8 focuses on Twitter. You see the variety of tweet types that exist and how you can exploit them in your advertising. Chapter 9 covers how to create a winning YouTube strategy that can stand out among your competitors. In Chapter 10, we discuss how the relatively new social platform foursquare can help you bring local customers into your store and grow your business.

In Chapter 11, we discuss how using LinkedIn can benefit your SMM campaigns as well as your own personal brand. Chapter 12 looks at how Google+ is gaining traction at a fantastic rate and how it can work for you.

Chapter 13 moves away from the major platforms to discuss the niche social networks. In Chapter 14, we discuss why social influencers matter, how you can reach them, and what best practices to deploy in the process of doing so.

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