Chapter 12

Viewing Google through a Different Lens

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at Google+ fundamentals

arrow Understanding how to use brand pages

arrow Using tips and tricks

arrow Discovering Google Music

Barely a year ago, a chapter covering Google wouldn’t have been needed in a book on social media marketing. But because Google has done so much in the last year and has plans to do so much more in the next, a chapter on Google is indeed now warranted.

Google+ launched in June 2011. Brand pages were added to the platform in November. Google created a social music service and designed a Google button for usage on other websites and for integrating various social features into Google Search. Arguably, Google’s social ambitions are much greater than its realities today (Google+, for example, only has approximately 40 million users compared to Facebook’s 800 million), but that doesn’t mean the future may not look different.

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