Translating Influence to the Offline World

For all the discussions about social influencers, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss how this concept ties into influence in the offline space. The online world is not completely separated from how influence works in the real world. The following sections include recommendations for how you can tap into social influencers to affect physical world purchasing decisions.

Putting your customer reviews in your stores

If you sell products in stores, consider putting the customer reviews that have been created by customers on your website next to the actual products in the physical stores. If there isn’t space to place customer reviews, at least include the customer ratings. Staples is one company that has already started doing this. The result is that in-store sales of products with the customer ratings have increased. Along with the customer reviews, consider adding expert reviews and ratings. They do a lot to give your customers confidence about the purchasing decision and also help them choose between products.

Marrying social media marketing with events and PR

Here’s a tip about social media marketing that’s worth paying a lot of attention to: Marketers who tie together social media marketing initiatives with traditional events and surround them with PR tactics invariably have immense success. When you’re trying to tap into social influencers, consider organizing an event that your customers can bring their social influencers to. Promote ...

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