Recognizing How SMM Impacts Other Company Functions

Early in the book, we discuss SMM as it relates to brand marketing and direct response. We also frame social media marketing in the context of customer service and real-time marketing. In this chapter, we look at how social media marketing touches some of these other corporate functions and then review good governance practices. After that, we discuss the different governance models.

Public relations

Marketing and public relations have a symbiotic relationship, and in some organizations, public relations rolls up into the marketing organization. Both groups have important roles to play in the world of social media, but they come at it from different places.

Fundamentally, the marketing function owns the relationship with the consumers and is the steward of the brands. With the relationships often being formed and nurtured in the social media space, it becomes critical for the marketing function to lead all social media marketing efforts. This means that the following activities are typically led by the marketing team:

check.png Defining the brand’s social voice

check.png Managing the social media platform pages

check.png Owning and driving social calendar activities ...

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