Making the Campaign and the Website Work Together

The best way to make the advertising campaign and your website work harmoniously in a social world is to link the two. You should also link with the various social platforms on which you have a presence. In the sections that follow, we tell you how you can create those links.

Treating your website as a hub not a destination

The first step in practicing SMM on your website is recognizing that it’s a hub that fits into a larger digital ecosystem supporting your brand. This digital ecosystem includes your website; your display banners across the Internet; your presence on various social platforms; and the conversations about your brand on blogs, the social platforms, in online communities, and discussion forums. Your purpose shouldn’t be to bring people to your website and entice them to stay on it as long as possible. That might contradict every traditional marketing principle, but it’s true.

remember.eps If someone wants to know everything about your company — good, bad, or ugly — he should feel that your website is the best starting point for him.

Design your website as a hub versus a destination and your website will immediately become more valuable to your customers. Even though this may mean that you’ll be pointing your consumers to external sites, they’ll always treat yours as a starting point in the future.

The Mars brand Skittles designed ...

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