Evaluating Each Platform’s Metrics

Different social platforms have different mechanisms for measurement. For each major social platform, you must know what you can measure and what the numbers you get actually mean. In this section, we look at the major social platforms and discuss the forms of measurement on each one of them.

Measurement components fall into four “buckets.” Each time you launch a social media marketing program, try to check off measurement objectives against these four criteria, as defined by Sometrics (www.sometrics.com ; see Figure 19-3), one of the leading in-game payments provider.

Figure 19-3: Sometrics.


Here are the four buckets:

check.png Traffic: Includes impressions, unique users, and basic engagement, including page views per visit.

check.png Demographics: Covers the basics of who is visiting or interacting with your brand. It typically includes age, gender, income, education, and location.

check.png Sociographics: Captures your customers’ friends and their relative importance, based on their interests and where they lie in your customers’ social graphs.

Social actions: Includes ...

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