Listening to Google and Music

In the last year, Google has launched a Music service to take on iTunes and the Apple ecosystem that extends to all the Apple devices and platforms. Google needed to do this so that its Android mobile operating system could be competitive with the Apple iPhone. In this section, we cover its core service and sharing functionality that will have social media marketing implications:

The Google Music platform has the following key components:

check.png You can upload all your songs to the Google Music service. It can hold up to 20,000 songs for free (this piece is often referred to as the cloud music locker service). It can take up to a week to upload if you have a lot of songs.

check.png The songs can be accessed in several ways. They can be accessed on any Google Android device or via the Google Music website at URL

check.png You can get recommendations for other songs. These recommendations are based on what you already have in the locker and with what frequency you are listening to particular music. The Android Market also lets you buy songs that when bought are available on all the platforms too.

All the music that you buy in the Google Android Market ...

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