Introducing Social Media Governance Models

Every organization requires social media governance. Whether large or small, if you are a company using social media, you require governance models in place. Just the hypercollaboration required to succeed (as witnessed by the topics discussed previously) necessitates strong governance models between both marketing and other functions and within marketing too.

This gets increasingly complex when you have global and local marketing teams and also marketing teams broken up by product lines.

Following are the key governance models to consider:

check.png Centralized governance: In a centralized social media governance model, one team is responsible for SMM and drives the daily management of the brand outposts on the various social platforms. This group also drives influencer management in partnership with the PR teams. They loop in legal, consumer relations, sales, and other department representatives as needed. This model is effective in smaller organizations or companies that aren’t geographically distributed or do not have a significant number of product lines.

check.png Hub-and-spoke governance: In the hub-and-spoke model, you have both global and local social media marketing teams. Each team is responsible for a core set of activities. Accounts that are more ...

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