Chapter 4: Finding the Facebook Sweet Spot

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank

check.png Timing your updates

check.png Finding out about consumers on Facebook

check.png Mixing up your content

Facebook is an amazing marketing tool. If used properly, you can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people. The key is in understanding how Facebook works. Posting random updates is fine if you just want to have a presence. However, if you want to have an engaging community and the type of interaction that leads to raving fans and customers, you have to go beyond posting random updates and do a little research into the inner workings of Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t do things by accident, and neither should you. There’s a rhyme and reason as to which updates are seen by your fans, and that’s not always in their control. There are also right times to post content and even the right kinds of content to post. The more you discover about how Facebook works, and the best times and types of content, the better able you are to have the type of Page people are happy to support.

In this chapter, we explore Facebook’s ...

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