Chapter 2: Promoting Your Business with LinkedIn

In This Chapter

  • Using a LinkedIn Company Page
  • Showcasing products with LinkedIn
  • Putting together a Showcase Page

LinkedIn isn't merely a social network for job seekers to get their resume's to the right people. It's also a wonderful marketing tool for businesses. LinkedIn Company Pages enable you to connect with a different kind of audience — a more businesslike audience.

The people who network on LinkedIn are professionals — some of whom are, yes, looking for work, but also many are looking to meet and learn from other professionals. These same professionals are also using LinkedIn to research businesses either because they either want to work for or with the brand, or because they want to become a customer of the brand. You don't want to miss out on an important opportunity because you didn't start a Company Page on LinkedIn.

In this chapter, we delve into some of the things you can do with a LinkedIn Company Page so that you can gain better brand visibility, highlight your products and services, grow your business, and drive traffic to your website and sales pages.

Exploring the Benefits of a Company Page

A Company Page on LinkedIn is different from a Brand page on Facebook or Google+, especially in the content being shared. Everything on LinkedIn is geared towards businesses and professionals, which presents a whole different atmosphere than other social media sites. You also have a unique opportunity to create specific pages ...

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