Chapter 25

Ten Top SMM Tools

In This Chapter

arrow Searching Google blogs for specialized marketing information

arrow Scheduling your tweets to publish at designated times

arrow Analyzing your competitor’s websites

When you’re launching a social media marketing campaign, a good first step is to measure the size of the social activity on the web. When you see the numbers of possible customers (who fit your demographics, psychographics, and technographics) you can reach using social tools, it’s usually a no-brainer that a social media campaign is a good thing. Fortunately, several strong online tools show how to measure social activity on the web.

Many of these tools are free and serve as a good starting point for your listening and research efforts. But remember, no single tool is perfect for capturing web usage. Therefore, it’s always useful to use multiple sites together to get the best data. Also, looking at the relative changes in the statistics over a period of time (versus the raw numbers, which may not always be totally accurate) may be a safe approach to take. Keep this list of tools handy when you’re doing your research.


One of the main complaints that ...

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