Chapter 3

Using LinkedIn as a Content Platform


Bullet Blogging with LinkedIn

Bullet Sharing your LinkedIn content across platforms

Bullet Selecting the best content to share on your Page

LinkedIn offers members the opportunity to showcase their expertise by publishing long-form content on the LinkedIn platform. Even if you have a blog or a website where you share content, you might still want to consider writing on LinkedIn, at least occasionally.

Having a post on LinkedIn enables you to reach a new, more professional social network — and what could be a whole new audience.

In this chapter, we discuss the benefits of using LinkedIn as a content platform, plus a few of the basics for posting and promoting your content.

Blogging on LinkedIn

With all the content platforms available, why publish on LinkedIn when you can use your own blog or website, keeping all the traffic to yourself? Although you don’t receive direct traffic to your website when you publish to LinkedIn, it does provide you the capability to drive traffic. If you share informative content, people will want to learn more and look up your website, blog, and other projects.

You can only publish long-form content in the ...

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