Chapter 1

Pinning Down Pinterest


Bullet Understanding Pinterest

Bullet Setting up your Pinterest account

Bullet Creating boards, saving Pins, and growing your Pinterest community

Bullet Driving sales with Pinterest

What is it about Pinterest that’s so attractive? Is it the mouthwatering food images, the inspiring island-getaway shots, or the humorous jokes?

The answer is all the above. Pinterest is a social network that enables you to share content, but with a twist: You can’t see the text beyond the caption that the Pinner adds when saving the image to his or her board. Because Pinterest pulls only the images from blog posts and web articles, the site is very visually appealing. It’s not an eye-catching headline that pulls you in, but rather colors and creativity.

One complaint people have about the various social networks is that everyone is sharing the same things across all the networks. They’re making the same comments and sharing the same links and videos. Pinterest takes that sharing to a new level. It’s not the same old, same old. Instead of seeing nothing but links, you’re seeing vibrant, ...

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