Chapter 1

Weighing the Business Benefits of Minor Social Sites


Bullet Reviewing goals for social media marketing

Bullet Conducting social media marketing research

Bullet Assessing audience involvement

Bullet Choosing minor social communities strategically

Without a doubt, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the elephants in the social marketing zoo, at least in terms of the largest number of visits per month. But this is one big zoo, as shown in Figure 1-1, which displays only 36 of the hundreds of social sites. Among these sites, you’ll find lions and tigers and bears, and more than a few turtles, trout, squirrels, and seagulls.

You have to assess your business needs, research the options, and select which (if any) of these minor social marketing sites belongs in your personal petting zoo. In this chapter, we look at methods for doing just that.

Remember With the exception of blogs (which can become your primary web presence if you use your own domain name), these smaller sites are best used ...

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