Social Media Marketing, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

Book description

Faced with constant changes in consumer behavior, marketers are seeking various tools to promote and market their brands. Among those tools, the most impactful is consumer-generated content (CGC). CGC is viewed as consumers’ vote of confidence, which is a form of social proof. CGC allows consumers to be involved with the companies’ marketing strategy. Brands and companies have enabled consumers to be producers of original content, cocreators for an existing brand, and curators for trending ideas in the marketing place.

The author explains why it is even more important today that brands need consumers’ voices to advocate their brands. In this lively and practical book, she uses theories to explain consumers’ psychology and offers practical examples of which social media platforms are conducive to CGC and why. In addition, she explains how consumers use CGC in different countries, the importance of influencer marketing, and ultimately teaches the strategy of using CGC effectively.

Product information

  • Title: Social Media Marketing, Second Edition, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Emi Moriuchi
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781948976794