Chapter 3

Activating Your Socially Connected Business

In This Chapter

  • Focusing on a people-centric approach
  • Organizing your business for social media
  • Gaining and sustaining social media buy-in
  • Deciding where to start with social media metrics

The point at which you fully activate your socially connected business will determine if you hold any semblance of competitive sustainability or if you’re destined to be a laggard within your industry. Although many, many organizations are already knee deep in social media, I honestly believe that it’s not too late for new entrants. In fact, at this stage in the game, launching into social media with a well-defined strategy that includes the metrics necessary to quantify your desired outcomes is exponentially better than jumping in with a half-baked effort. Organizations that do the latter will inevitably end up losing more ground than they gain, or worse yet, they’ll get brand-jacked by social savvy consumers. The imperative for activating your social organization will strike consumer-facing businesses first, but it will indeed filter through to business-to-business environments, non-profits, NGOs, and our global political and socioeconomic systems as well. Organizations that falter with social media will do so because they fail to recognize the power that social media bestows upon consumers.

News flash: Your brand is already activated in social media because customers have done it for you. Catch up quick by listening first.

For these ...

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