Chapter 6

Deploying a Process of Continuous Optimization

In This Chapter

  • Optimizing your social measurement strategy
  • Measuring sharable content, engagement, and virality
  • Shifting channels to meet your audience where they are
  • Addressing longevity, idea generation, and budgeting

In a socially driven environment, businesses are constantly in flux,so change becomes the constant. For many, this is a difficult reality to accept because constant change requires continuous adaptation. Yet, mere adaptation is not enough to keep socially connected customers satisfied. Organizations must not only improve upon, but also exceed customers’ expectations on a recurring basis. And those expectations are set not by your organization alone; they are shaped by external experiences from other brands, by contributions from other consumers, and by macroeconomic factors beyond your control. Thus, the process of continuous optimization is a challenging one.

However, organizations today are succeeding with optimization by using social media metrics to understand behaviors and results. These metrics enable businesses to recognize wildly successful programs and to key in on influencing factors that lead to social resonance and virality. Additionally, businesses that incorporate consumers into

their process of optimization can capitalize on the powerful sway of social influence and enlist loyal advocates in the process. These businesses recognize that social media programs and properties must be nurtured ...

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